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Mastering API Architecture

Mastering API Architecture


Most organizations with a web presence build and operate APIs; the doorway for customers to interact with the company’s services. Designing, building, and managing these critical programs affect everyone in the organization, from engineers and product owners to C-suite executives. But the real challenge for developers and solution architects is creating an API platform from the ground up.

With this practical book, you’ll learn strategies for building and testing REST APIs that use API gateways to combine offerings at the microservice level. Authors James Gough, Daniel Bryant, and Matthew Auburn demonstrate how simple additions to this infrastructure can help engineers and organizations migrate to the cloud; and open the opportunity to connect internal services using technologies like a service mesh.

  • Learn API fundamentals and architectural patterns for building an API platform
  • Explore evolving trends such as asynchronous and streaming APIs
  • Help drive your API program by performing an informed architectural role
  • Build and configure key components of an API platform
  • Deploy gateways and service meshes based on case studies
  • Understand core security and vulnerabilities in API architecture
  • Secure data and services using OAuth 2.0, TLS, and web application firewalls

Book Details

  • Language: English
  • Published: 2021
  • ISBN: 9781492090564
  • Format: PDF, EPUB

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